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...but Tanya Grotter.

The font is even similar to the US Harry Potter "lightning bolt" font.

I understand that the similarities couldn't be ignored in this case, but going forward... I'm wondering what this means for the future of teen wizard stories.

Yes, Harry's pretty widespread these days. If Rowling, et al, are going to continue to be litigious, will it be possible to write anything in the genre without being accused of being derivative?
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The book cover for Harry 5 has been released.

image within, for those who are interested in such things :)  )

It's kind of a departure from the tone of the previous covers, and likely indicates a shift in the tone of the book, as well.


Nov. 14th, 2002 04:43 pm
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I'm leaving in about 15 minutes for Harry Potter and the Spiders of Doom™

I promise not to post anything that's any more of a spoiler than what I wrote last year.
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Have you ever been in the presence of someone who was truly outstanding in a field that was your career or your passion? I just got back from a talk given by such a person.

Arthur Levine, editor, publisher, and the man credited with "discovering" Harry Potter and bringing it to the American audience.

You never know if someone's status is given or earned, or if it's affected their personality and ego, until you really listen to them and watch them interact with others. Before today, all I knew of him was that he's always pleasant and says good morning to me. Today confirmed to me that he's genuine and sincere, grounded in reality, intense, deep, and brilliant, and even a bit shy when talking about himself, without any of the inflation of ego one might expect to come with his station and circumstance.

He has an intuitive insight into the things that make the human condition what it is, and how to resonate with that via the written word. He is fascinated by literature that speaks to the "flawed, complex beings that we are as children", rather than the simplistic and immature creatures that adults tend to imagine children to be.

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The plagiarism lawsuit against J.K. Rowling has ended. Author Nancy Stouffer, who claims to have published tales of Larry Potter and Muggles in the mid-80's which she says were the inspiration for Rowling's blockbuster series, has been dealt a double blow: not only has a judge ruled that Rowling's Muggles are sufficiently different from her Muggle creatures as to not infringe upon her intellectual property or cause confusion (she could show no documentation beyond her own testimony that such confusion ever existed!), but she has also been charged with fraud for presenting falsified documents and testimony to the court, and ordered to pay a fine and a portion of Ms. Rowling's legal fees, amounting to a total of $50,000.

But on the bright side... if she's very, very lucky, maybe she'll get detention with Professor Snape. ;)

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I suppose I should probably write something about my reactions to the film, since I was so excited about going to see it. :)

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It's official: the company is sending us to a sneak preview showing of the Harry Potter movie, the night before it opens in theatres.

*bounce* :)


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