Aug. 25th, 2006 02:00 pm
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It took me a few days to snap back from the trauma of dealing with a dead pet. I have a lot to say about it, about how I discovered her and what I did for her and how that trauma manifested and how I coped with it. I suspect it's a bit much for the squeamish, though, and since after a week of thinking about it constantly I still haven't been able to figure out what level of internal editing and censorship is called for in writing about it, I've opted not to say anything at all.

I've always been highly attuned to milestones and anniversaries, especially recent ones. I'll come back from a trip, or something momentous will have happened, and as I process it and integrate it, I'll be constantly thinking about where I was at this time yesterday, or this time last week.

I'm glad I'm not where I was at this time last week. I was fidgeting in my seat, thinking more and more about it all, the more I tried not to. I was anxious and upset over what I might find when I got home, and even up to the moment when I turned my key in the lock, I wasn't sure which outcome I was hoping for -- to find her still holding on, or already having let go.

I honestly don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing at this time tomorrow. At this time next week, though, I will be in Atlanta, frolicking and making trouble with [livejournal.com profile] gen.

I like the forward view better than the backward one.

Looking forward to moving forward. That's me.
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Saturday morning, a friend from college passed on.

I cannot find anything to say that matches her husband's eloquence, so I will merely link: [livejournal.com profile] lisaporter.

She put up an incredible fight, and a truly inspiring one. Always determined, always hopeful, always strong.
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Tonight I met up with [livejournal.com profile] sythyry to see a screening of the original 1954 Godzilla at the Film Forum.

We had dinner at a barbecue place just around the corner, and then [livejournal.com profile] tempralisis joined us for the movie.

It was good fun. Not even good cheesy fun, just good fun. I hadn't been to the Film Forum in about 5 years. I should make an effort to see what's playing there more often.

Now? Unwinding. Soon? Sleep. A full day and then a full night of packing await me tomorrow.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] hbergeron, if you happen to catch this tonight? I'm trying to call, but I can't seem to get through. Give me a ring -- I'm home.


lol :)

Sep. 6th, 2001 04:16 pm
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It's these sorts of calls that make me wish I could save my voicemail messages for longer than 30 days. Slightly paraphrased:

"Hiya, it's C___, but you're not there, so I'll just have a quick naff at your machine. Um... I'll talk to you sometime later.
{in a conspiratorial tone} Now, whatever you do, don't tell Matt or [Lapis] anything that I'm just about to tell you.
{in a deep whisper} All sorts of things that you should know about...


Our machine's been acting oddly secretive since. What did he tell it?? ;)


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