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"A lot more" expresses quantity or magnitude, depending on how it's used. How it's used is very important.

Thus, a writer writing, "She's taller, but you have a lot more boobs and more hips," suggests certain anatomical anomalies that I don't think are intended. "A lot more boob" would suggest size of boob. "A lot more boobs"... and I think we're going to have to get creative on the lingerie.
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Me: There's very little fantasy in this book at all, except that yetis are real.

[ profile] hbergeronx: What's the plural of yeti? Is it yeti? Or yetis?

Me: I think it's "....Run!!!!!"
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Before I note anything that happened since, I want to note that yesterday I got my first official contract and my first official paycheck for editing. I struck out on my own in September of 2006 determined to make a career of this and knowing that the startup process was going to be slow: my first jobs have been royalty based work from a publisher, which meant knowing that I wouldn't see a penny for the work I did until the books were done, printed and on the shelves, and that with a small press's production schedule, that wouldn't happen right away. (My first three books are all forthcoming this spring/summer.) I was lucky enough to have the resources and support to be able to take that time; to take the chance.

In the interim, I've found steady work in it, and now I'm finally seeing the rewards and the validation. I have two loyal authors, and a growing publisher who loves and trusts me. I'm starting a business. Me. And damn, I'm proud.


Apr. 11th, 2006 08:40 am
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There is nothing like being awakened at 5:10am by a cat licking your eyebrow.

And it's a good thing there isn't! Yuck!

I went back to sleep and had a very strange dream. I think it's a recurring dream, or at least a recurring series, because I remember having a very frustrating dream in that old castle before, and this one seemed to build on the events of that one. I had to find a certain room number, but not all of the room numbers were on the corresponding floors where you'd think they might be. Some of the rooms starting with 10 were on the 10th floor, but some might be on the 3rd or 5th. I could only complete the puzzle once I figured that out. I also had a brief stint as a fictional character. Unfortunately, I looked the same to me, and only different to the people around me, so I didn't get to enjoy the change. And then my alarm rang, and I woke up and debated calling in apathetic, but my sense of duty brought me to work anyway. And here I am.

Our book club managers are cruel to us. One of them has submitted her book list with a sudoku puzzle on the front. We can't do the puzzle. If we come to a meeting with the puzzle filled in, our supervisors will tell us we have too much free time, and assign more work. This happened once, when I colored in one of their cover pictures with highlighters while waiting for a meeting to start. So we get to stare at the puzzle and not work it. I think I may photocopy it and work it through on the copy at lunch.

Life continues to go on. Matt is in California this week, but he'll be home after that. Possibly for a while. I made spelt angel hair with veggie alfredo sauce on Sunday - ambitious cooking, for me - and had the leftovers last night. This cooking thing isn't so bad.

I've been thinking about doing something formal like a delayed seder when Matt gets home, but I'm not sure about it. Maybe I'll do some grocery store browsing tonight and see if I get inspired. You'd think Passover would be the holiday tailor-made for the person who can't eat wheat, but I find myself not looking forward to listening to people complain about giving up something for one week that I can't have at all. I remember when a week without bread or pasta or pizza felt like forever, and when I couldn't even conceive of how to plan a whole week's worth of grain-free meals. I remember sneaking off to Pizza Hut for a passover hiatus one year, because we couldn't hold out, and jokingly using a Talmudic excuse to pretend to rationalize it away. So it's not that I don't understand. It's that I don't want to hear it. Welcome to my world. You only have to vacation here.

Or not...

Mar. 1st, 2006 10:12 am
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Facilities coordinator: Your carpets will be replaced tomorrow night.
Me: I thought it was going to be tonight.
FC: No, it's tomorrow. Who told you that?
Me: Um... You did.

So, two days of nice empty cubicle, not just one. I'm not really too annoyed. It means I've got some extra time to clean things up and organize the temporary shelves to cram more stuff onto them. It also means I can take home some more stuff to lighten my cabinets for them. My loose change in particular, will need to come home with me. They're turning cabinets on their sides to get them onto rolling carts, and loose bits will go everywhere.

The only things on my desk right now are my computer/printer/phone, calculator, two three-ring binders of pricing sheets, a small desk fan, and a pen and pencil holder. Just the things I need for the bare bones of my work. Cleaning down to this skeleton level of operation has really made me think about the clutter that usually surrounds me, and how much of it I really /need/.

Unfortunately, the answer really is, "most of it". There are reference materials and reports that I need to have constantly on hand to be able to do my job. There are anywhere between two and five years of historical data in dead-tree hardcopy that I need to keep, and that I do refer to regularly in the course of business. I have stuff going back to 2001, but I *use* it.

I just need to find a better way to store it all. I like having a clean desk. I could get used to it.


Feb. 28th, 2006 02:29 pm
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This is the stuff we've been inhaling in trace amounts for two weeks. Tonight they start on my segment of floor. I expect tomorrow to be fun.

On the plus side, my cube is now nearly empty, and has never been cleaner.
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I begged and pleaded to be allowed to work from home today, as my feet can only handle 12 miles in two days, not 18 miles in three. My blisters already have blisters.

Most of my work depends on proprietary applications on the corporate intranet, but there is one project.. basically the formatting and analysis of one extremely large pain-in-the-ass spreadsheet that has to be done twice a year. I don't have Excel on my mac, but I figured I could use Matt's home PC.

So, here I am in Matt's home office, a place just next door to my computer room, just ten paces from my bedroom, but it's a place where I don't usually spend much time. It feels strange to be sitting in here -- almost like I'm getting away with something. The kittens are confused, too. I went next door to get my laptop so that I could turn my iTunes on while I work, and both of them were sitting on either side of my empty desk, staring at it. I'm supposed to be in there, not in here!


Dec. 19th, 2005 09:54 am
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I thought I'd get to organizing while I waited for the morning's data pull to pull the morning's data.

I grabbed a stack of file folders and my label maker and started making labels, so that the random stack of papers stuck into my file organizer could actually be, well, organized.

"Hm," I thought. "I've had this label maker for five years now, and I've never had to buy more tape for it." Of course, as soon as I thought that, I ran out, mid-label. Now I have a folder for 'Dividend Rat'. :)

I'm tempted to leave it, and just print out some pictures of rodents to put in it.
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The editor across the aisle is apparently unhappy with the cover art she's just received for a book. Disgusted tone of voice overheard saying:

"Now, come on. Who would really wear a nice fancy cape like this with a t-shirt?"


Jun. 9th, 2003 08:12 am
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I've been doing this commute for nearly three years, and this morning was the very first time I drifted off on the downtown bus, dozed through my stop, and ended up in Chinatown.

Luckily, Chinatown's not very far (it's only a couple of blocks), and it wasn't quite raining yet, so it wasn't too bad a walk back. While walking, I noticed that the seam on my tights had inched around to be under my toes. Ow, I hate when that happens.

On the plus side, now I know where Pearl River Mart is. Looks like someplace fun to browse around when I have some time. We were talking about it the day we went to Chelsea Market, but I hadn't actually known where it was.

There's a big LED clock out front here, counting down days, hours and minutes till midnight, June 21. It's kind of cute.

Oh, and I almost forgot...

There are a few leftover containers in the refrigerator that the editors use. The sign taped to the lid of one container reads "Please Do Not Through Out".
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Tomorrow is my boss's birthday. We celebrated it this morning, and she just emailed us a brief note including the following sentence:

Thanks again for the delicious cake, card and flowers.

Wow. Petals and all? If we'd known she was that hungry, we could have gotten a bigger cake. ;)
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Seeing Red...

I re-dyed my hair last night. I'm enamored with this hair dye (the line is "Live" [by Schwarzkopf], and the color is Red Planet). It figures that I finally find the perfect shade of red, and it's not available in the US. I have one more box of it, but you can expect me to start asking around in the next couple of months for some kind soul in the UK who wouldn't mind doing a package exchange.

...and Purple.

Today is NYU's graduation. At 7:30 this morning, there were already purple-robed people milling about on the street. It's going to be a busy day in the neighborhood. Note to self: avoid the crowds, stay in for lunch.

But it's a dry heat!

I'm off to Arizona tomorrow morning, to visit Cowboy_R. I've been following the weather out there for the last few weeks, and though it's been holding steady in the high 90's (F) for a while, this weekend's temperatures are threatening to hit three digits. I'm a little intimidated by that, I admit, but I think I'm mostly just curious to see how well I handle it. I'm not worried about it, though -- if it turns out to be too much for me, we can always postpone our plans to take the walking tour around Tombstone until a cooler season, and spend more time indoors instead.

Must remember to grab my sunglasses from the car tomorrow. Must not break my sunglasses in the airport on the way to Arizona, like I did last time. :)

Expiration Date?

It hardly seems like it's been three years since we bought our car, but in just a couple months we'll be making our last payment, and it'll be well and truly ours. As if to remind us of this, the passenger-side door has decided to refuse to open. Matt will be getting the lock assembly replaced in the next couple of days -- there's a dealership conveniently near his office. For long trips, I've been climbing over the driver's seat, but for shorter hops, I've just been sitting in the back. It's uncomfortable to be so far from him, and to feel chauffered. The novelty and the "Home, James" jokes wore off after a couple of minutes. We're taking an extended car trip next weekend, so I think we're both glad it will be repaired by then.

The toys that make the noise

This morning, various people in my office can't stop playing with:

* a stuffed dog that plays "Lullaby"
* a "My Private Journal - Keep Out" blank book that makes a siren sound when opened
* some other item, unidentified but oinking loudly

Do the rest of you have to deal with this sort of thing too?

The Ring Cycle

I am acutely aware of my piercings today. It's an uncomfortable feeling, but not a painful one. Which is good, because there's not much I can do about it.
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Have you ever been in the presence of someone who was truly outstanding in a field that was your career or your passion? I just got back from a talk given by such a person.

Arthur Levine, editor, publisher, and the man credited with "discovering" Harry Potter and bringing it to the American audience.

You never know if someone's status is given or earned, or if it's affected their personality and ego, until you really listen to them and watch them interact with others. Before today, all I knew of him was that he's always pleasant and says good morning to me. Today confirmed to me that he's genuine and sincere, grounded in reality, intense, deep, and brilliant, and even a bit shy when talking about himself, without any of the inflation of ego one might expect to come with his station and circumstance.

He has an intuitive insight into the things that make the human condition what it is, and how to resonate with that via the written word. He is fascinated by literature that speaks to the "flawed, complex beings that we are as children", rather than the simplistic and immature creatures that adults tend to imagine children to be.

The Talk )

more pooh

Jun. 21st, 2002 02:47 pm
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Just got a change memo for the Disney CD-ROM "Fun With Pooh".

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person in the world who's paying attention to how these titles sound.
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Back from lunch, and annoyed.

Is there a way to politely and gently mention to your supervisor that catty-bordering-on-derogatory speculation on other employees' possible sexual orientations is not an appropriate topic for an official company lunch function and that it makes you very uncomfortable?

And is there a way to do this without coming out?

Aside from the fact that it's none of their damn business who I sleep with, if this is how they talk about other people, I'm not stupid enough to think it wouldn't affect their opinions of me... official non-discrimination policy or not.

Oh well... I've been here almost two years without having to deal with this one. I suppose it had to happen sometime.


Mar. 28th, 2002 01:13 pm
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Pulling out the Yiddish vocab on this jewish holiday because it's the word that fits...

Some schools are on spring break this week, so some people have their kids in the office. A little girl just came around, unescorted, to ask me if I had any books I wanted to give her. Um, no. It looks like she's going to everyone on the floor asking for books. Most people around here know that all you have to do is be polite and introduce your little darlings around and not ask, and people will shower your kids with freebies. So I said no, and she didn't go away. She eyed my shelf and said, "Are you suuurrre?" I said yes. I'm busy and I didn't want to get into it with her (or her parent, since I have no idea who this kid belongs to).

Next she went to the cube behind mine, where JS sits. She's out today. The kid starts poking through her shelves. I went over and said, "She's out today. She can't give you any books." The kid said, "Oh." I stood there until she left, to make sure she left empty handed.

looking up

Mar. 26th, 2002 01:57 pm
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It's been a very rough couple of days but today I'm inexplicably feeling better.

My two meetings this morning were pretty good - I was an active and useful participant and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.

The editor we met with today is never familiar with any of her books, so I looked up all her new titles before the meeting and made notes for myself with little summaries. When we got into the meeting, I knew her books and she didn't. Her supervisor and mine were both in the meeting too, and this didn't go unnoticed by either of them.

I also turned in the pricing list I was working on yesterday, well ahead of schedule. This means that I don't have to calculate any more unit costs ... at least for the next few minutes, anyway.

Tonight J and I are meeting for dinner and she's going to tell me all about yesterday's job interview. *Fingers crossed*. She needs to get out from under her current boss, and she'd only be one floor away.


Mar. 20th, 2002 03:37 pm
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Someone in this office just screamed really excitedly, "WE HAVE ASIAN BOYS!!"

Scared now.
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Sometimes everyone's on the same wavelength, and a joke sets itself up so perfectly that when it comes together... it's poetry.

Case in point: )
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"Nose Pickers from Outer Space"

Add my job to the list of things that can always cheer me up! :)


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