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Cannibalism at Lake Tahoe!

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We went to the botanical garden yesterday, and between that, Magic Kingdom and Monterey Aquarium, there are lots of pictures that need to find their way off my camera and onto my computer.

While I work on getting motivated to do that, have an older picture that I haven't posted yet.

At the end of the grocery trip, do you have to fight one of these?


Jan. 20th, 2007 07:30 pm
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Toey says she wants to be locked on a spaceship and forced to watch bad movies!
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Two kittens, one leaf. Fascination.

photos )
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Him: While you're taking pictures, get one of the vagina flower.
Me: The ...what?
Him: The one that looks like a vagina. Over there.
Me: (hands over the camera) You'd better take this one. I'm not seeing whatever it is that you're seeing.
Him: (takes the picture, hands me back the camera, to show me)
Me: ...Oh! )
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Passed this while driving yesterday, had to take a picture.

photo inside )
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It's amazing what you can do to a garden with two weekends and a lot of stress to burn.

Last weekend, we started on plans to add a second level to the fish pond, with a waterfall. We bought the new pond, transplanted the trees that used to surround the existing one, and smashed up a 2 foot by 3 foot or so concrete block on which the previous residents used to have a big ugly fountain.

The block looked like cinder block, so we thought it would be easy to move, but it wouldn't budge. Matt took the sledgehammer to it, to discover that it was several concrete blocks filled with wet sand and joined together with more concrete. This thing wasn't going anywhere as a whole, but after a full day of working out aggression, it was in small enough pieces to be carted away.

Friday afternoon Matt got home from his week-long business trip, and Friday night right at the wire we discovered exactly how much of a not-so-small fortune we have to pay in taxes. More stress relief was required, so the pond project continued with great enthusiasm, leading to great, but content, exhaustion.

Yesterday began with the acquisition of much soil and mulch, and some two hundred pounds of flagstone. Most of the day was spent positioning and digging and backfilling the pond. Today the finishing touches with planting and mulch.

And here's the photo gallery of the work in progress and the final results of the renovation. It's really a stunning transformation. We're both tired, sore, and extremely pleased.

Next weekend's project: adding fish!

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So, for those of you in the UK who've wondered what happened to the London Bridge after it left London... look no further. The photographic evidence is here, for your amusement, or horror. :)

As out-of-the-way tourist traps go, Lake Havasu City is a fairly nice one. It's just odd to see something that my brain knows belongs in London sitting against a backdrop of palm trees and mountains.

Window cat

Mar. 5th, 2005 12:46 pm
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In addition to being [ profile] hbergeronx's birthday, it's also the 12th anniversary of the day we met. Technically, 3am or so tonight, but we count it as today.

We celebrated by taking a scenic drive out to Sally Lunn's Tearoom for a lovely afternoon tea and a browse around the craft shops. The antique shop had some bizarre and interesting things, including many old old pharmaceutical bottles, still containing their original contents. I can't imagine actually purchasing strychnine tablets or other miracle cures from the turn of the last century. I mean, I wonder what kind of condition those things are in now - whether they're more potent, less potent, utterly rotted through, but it was fascinating that they had them.

The bizarre. pic )

Not everything they had was old. Some things were Not Old. pic )

I took a couple more photos here and there, most of which are too blurry to post. The downside of a tiny camera is how sensitive it is to even just the amount of movement it takes to press the button to take a picture.

From there, we took the long route back home, stopping in at various import furniture shops along the way to do more browsing of the strange and unusual. Like this piece of furniture with cut-out dog bones and dildos (look straight down below the dog bone. you didn't believe me, did you?).

We had a nice dinner and a long talk about the highlights of the last ten or twelve years and what we'd like to come next, and then came home to crash.

Tomorrow, he's off on a business trip for the week, so it was nice to get in lots of quality time. Good scenery and silliness and food. All around, a pretty good day.

Begin, as they say, as you mean to go on. :)
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I really kind of want these.

pawprint tiles


Jan. 21st, 2005 10:13 am
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While I very much appreciate that the grocers near us offer wheat-free options, I don't think I've ever seen these made of wheat, in the first place!

(link to photo)


Mar. 13th, 2004 07:30 pm
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Have I ever mentioned my pointy ear? It's one of my distinguishing features.

(A couple of you may get a bit of a grin out of this... You know who you are.)

It's just my right ear, and it's not actually pointy... it's that the top of it is slightly folded down. It's been that way since I was born. (Legend has it that, upon noticing it, my mother turned to my father and said, "We've either been watching too much Star Trek, or not enough Star Trek!") My brother's ear was the same way when he was born, but his straightened out within his first few months. Mine, obviously, didn't. :)

I can pull it straight with my fingers, but it won't stay. In profile, from a bit of a distance, it can sometimes look gently pointed.

No, I'm not making this up. Here -- look! )

This came up because I bought a couple of pairs of interesting earrings today and wanted to post photos. They've got a single post (which is to say, you only need to have one hole in your ear), and go up the length of the ear instead of hanging down the lobe. The post in back is long enough to hold them in place quite comfortably. They're made by the folks at The Merlys Collection -- the good news is that they do have a website, but the bad news is that these earrings aren't on it. They did seem to be the booth's biggest seller at the craft show today, so hopefully they'll be available online soon. Meanwhile....

Photo )


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