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We're both off doing our separate things right now.

He's out back doing winterizing maintenance on the garden.

I'm inside packing boxes, just like I have been for weeks now.

But somehow, just knowing that he's here, even if I can't see him... it makes all the difference.
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I made it through steamed chicken and rice for lunch today, so I decided I was ready to come off the jello diet. Dinner tonight was roast beef, rice, and vegetables. Matt made delicious gravy from the roast, and when he offered a bit of the leftover gravy to Truffles (for whom the gravy is the best and only part of the wet cat food worth eating), she turned her nose up at it. "Not enough byproducts?" I suggested. I didn't know what other cause there could be.

But food substitutions aren't only unwelcome in kitty land...

Newman's Own Spelt Pretzels = good. Amazingly good. Just like the real thing, or maybe better.

Newman's Own Wheat free, dairy free Oreos = just the thing to put you off eating, for good.

I said this to Matt, so of course, he had to go and try his own Newman Oreo. I followed him to the kitchen and refilled my glass of milk. "A chaser," I said. "You're gonna need it. Oh, and by the way, you might not want to put it all in your--" He popped one in and started chewing. "--mouth.. at.. once. Um," I murmured, wincing.

Less than a moment later, it hit him. The look on his face started me laughing, and soon he was laughing while trying to swallow the gritty, foul thing. I held out the milk and he took it.

"Need something stronger?" I asked, and he turned to see me holding up the jug of bleach. He laughed harder, but kept himself together and managed to swallow. Damn. ;)

"That is the worst thing I've tasted in a long time..." he started.

"That you didn't make, yourself?" I teased, at the same time that he said, "...that I didn't make, myself." Laughter anew, both of us nearly doubled over in the kitchen, holding onto the counters, him trying to swallow liquid at the same time.

The fact that we still have uncontrollable giggle-fits together after ten years of marriage makes me happier than I can describe.

Be warned, though... For someone who's willingly tried the Bertie Botts' Sardine and Black Pepper flavored jelly beans to make a pronouncement like that, it's serious business.

Kids, don't try these at home.
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Yesterday (technically this morning at around 2am) makes for thirteen years since [ profile] hbergeronx and I first met face to face. Yesterday was also his birthday. He hates having a fuss made over his birthday, so instead of making a fuss here, I did it in person.

Despite NYC being ankle-deep in slush, he came in to meet me in the afternoon and hung out in my office with me, browsing my bookshelves, until I could leave. I introduced him to some more coworkers and told all of them that it was his birthday. He was a very good sport about it. :)

I'd done a little research on restaurants, but hadn't come to any decisions. There's a concentration of them over on Mott/Mulberry streets, so I figured we'd browse and see what caught our eyes.

We ended up having dinner at Eight Mile Creek, a tiny Australian restaurant on Mulberry between Prince and Spring. A little too pricey to go on a regular basis, but really good food. I tried the seared kangaroo, because how often do you get a chance to try kangaroo around here, and it was great. Very mild and tender. To drink I had cider, and Matt had a sparkling shiraz. I hadn't known that sparkling red wines even exist, but it was good enough that we're going to track some down for home. We stopped in at the liquor store on Astor to browse, and they had several, but we didn't want to cart it around all evening.

All evening being our next stop, with tickets to see Blue Man Group. We've wanted to go for ages and just don't get around to going to shows very often. With the theater just up the street from my office, it couldn't be much more convenient, so I thought it would make a nice, memorable present, and it did. We sat in the "poncho section", where they give you a raincoat to keep you from being splattered by the performance, so it was almost a letdown that no splatter happened, despite a lot of buildup and "is /this/ the part where they shower us with paint?" sort of anxiety. The show was fantastic. It was also the closest I've ever been to being inspired to pick up a percussion instrument again. It was great musically and visually, with humor going on many levels, and with a bit of wry social commentary thrown in the mix, as well. I highly recommend seeing them if you get a chance. I also highly recommend being ON TIME. This is not a performance to be late to, unless public humiliation is your thing.

The bus ride home was quick, and I think I was asleep before I was in the door. If not before, then very soon after. I had beautiful, if strange, very percussive dreams. :)


Jan. 5th, 2006 10:18 am
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Doing some cubicle cleanup today.

Matt, you won't believe this... I just found the box of salmiakki you brought me from your Finland trip.

Does that stuff go bad?

If so... how can you tell?
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during dinner tonight:

matt: This is the most disgusting thing I have ever cooked.
me: Then why are you eating it?
matt: I don't know. [pause] Why are YOU eating it?
me: Because you made it?
matt: Dumbass.



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