Mar. 13th, 2004 07:30 pm
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Have I ever mentioned my pointy ear? It's one of my distinguishing features.

(A couple of you may get a bit of a grin out of this... You know who you are.)

It's just my right ear, and it's not actually pointy... it's that the top of it is slightly folded down. It's been that way since I was born. (Legend has it that, upon noticing it, my mother turned to my father and said, "We've either been watching too much Star Trek, or not enough Star Trek!") My brother's ear was the same way when he was born, but his straightened out within his first few months. Mine, obviously, didn't. :)

I can pull it straight with my fingers, but it won't stay. In profile, from a bit of a distance, it can sometimes look gently pointed.

No, I'm not making this up. Here -- look! )

This came up because I bought a couple of pairs of interesting earrings today and wanted to post photos. They've got a single post (which is to say, you only need to have one hole in your ear), and go up the length of the ear instead of hanging down the lobe. The post in back is long enough to hold them in place quite comfortably. They're made by the folks at The Merlys Collection -- the good news is that they do have a website, but the bad news is that these earrings aren't on it. They did seem to be the booth's biggest seller at the craft show today, so hopefully they'll be available online soon. Meanwhile....

Photo )
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Seeing Red...

I re-dyed my hair last night. I'm enamored with this hair dye (the line is "Live" [by Schwarzkopf], and the color is Red Planet). It figures that I finally find the perfect shade of red, and it's not available in the US. I have one more box of it, but you can expect me to start asking around in the next couple of months for some kind soul in the UK who wouldn't mind doing a package exchange.

...and Purple.

Today is NYU's graduation. At 7:30 this morning, there were already purple-robed people milling about on the street. It's going to be a busy day in the neighborhood. Note to self: avoid the crowds, stay in for lunch.

But it's a dry heat!

I'm off to Arizona tomorrow morning, to visit Cowboy_R. I've been following the weather out there for the last few weeks, and though it's been holding steady in the high 90's (F) for a while, this weekend's temperatures are threatening to hit three digits. I'm a little intimidated by that, I admit, but I think I'm mostly just curious to see how well I handle it. I'm not worried about it, though -- if it turns out to be too much for me, we can always postpone our plans to take the walking tour around Tombstone until a cooler season, and spend more time indoors instead.

Must remember to grab my sunglasses from the car tomorrow. Must not break my sunglasses in the airport on the way to Arizona, like I did last time. :)

Expiration Date?

It hardly seems like it's been three years since we bought our car, but in just a couple months we'll be making our last payment, and it'll be well and truly ours. As if to remind us of this, the passenger-side door has decided to refuse to open. Matt will be getting the lock assembly replaced in the next couple of days -- there's a dealership conveniently near his office. For long trips, I've been climbing over the driver's seat, but for shorter hops, I've just been sitting in the back. It's uncomfortable to be so far from him, and to feel chauffered. The novelty and the "Home, James" jokes wore off after a couple of minutes. We're taking an extended car trip next weekend, so I think we're both glad it will be repaired by then.

The toys that make the noise

This morning, various people in my office can't stop playing with:

* a stuffed dog that plays "Lullaby"
* a "My Private Journal - Keep Out" blank book that makes a siren sound when opened
* some other item, unidentified but oinking loudly

Do the rest of you have to deal with this sort of thing too?

The Ring Cycle

I am acutely aware of my piercings today. It's an uncomfortable feeling, but not a painful one. Which is good, because there's not much I can do about it.
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  • Eyebrow tweezing is socially acceptable self-injury, I'm convinced. Wow, that hurts. And yet, I've only been doing this for a month or so, but it seems to hurt less each time.

  • The three key words to aerobic exercise: target heart rate. It makes all the difference in the world. I can cycle 15 miles at a lower heart rate and not even really get winded, but tonight I rode half that distance at my target, and it was a great workout. I feel tired, but refreshed.

And... um... I think that's all I really had to say about that.


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