Oct. 17th, 2006 09:11 am
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I'm all sick and sniffly and fevered today, and I have so much to do. I'm glad I pushed hard the last couple days, because it means I don't have much that needs to be done today. I just need to be sure to do the things that are on my list so that I won't have to break myself more trying to do everything tomorrow.

If I can clear out and pack the basement, kitchen and living room today, I'll be on track. There's very little left in the basement, maybe a box or two to move, and then some cleaning. With the kitchen I know I just need to start mechanically packing stuff until only the things I actually use are left. The living room will be a matter of sweeping clutter into boxes and labeling them "Misc".

That will leave me with just the basement stairwell (all the tools are piled at the foot of the stairs) and my current bedroom to tackle on wednesday. Then cleaning and touchups from thursday to saturday.

I know this is insanely boring reading, but it's helping me feel something other than overwhelmed. Stepping back and looking at what's really left to do helps a lot.

I just have to push through to Sunday, and then things will be easier from there on out.
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I joined Matt in the garden on Saturday, cultivating the bare patches of lawn and ripping out weeds. Weeding was no simple 'grab a stem and pull' maneuver. It involved taking a metal tool and shoving it into the ground, prying up the root system of the weed so that it could be extracted. Cultivating the ground involved raking all the dead grass out of the way, and then sprinkling down soil and fertilizer so that seed could be filled into the dead spots.

The weather was gorgeous, and it felt good to be out doing physical work in the sunlight. I can feel it in the backs of my thighs today, but it's a good kind of sore.

I have more fish in the pond now. I got five small koi, all in pale colors so that they'll show up well and be distinguishable from Shaun, Fish of the Dead, who is bright orange. They've survived the first week, and they all eat voraciously, even Shaun. I discovered that the trick is submerging the fish flakes. They won't come up to the surface to eat, but once the food settles, they devour it.

Speaking of pets, we've been dealing with a sick kitty for a while, but a week after her vet visit, she's starting to improve. Truffles was having some digestive issues that we've been treating for the past week. She has lots more energy now, and she's finally starting to leave presents in her box where they belong, instead of on the floor for us to find. This is doing very good things for my state of mind, as it's been upsetting to have a sick little girl, and it's also been upsetting to be confronted with a big disgusting mess first thing in the morning, day after day. It wasn't something I felt needed writing about, but suffice to say it's been going on for a while, and I'm glad things are improving.

Only two more payments and my homeowners' loan is paid off. My mood will improve even further when I have more money in my paychecks again!
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My window cats!

This is the first day we've had that was actually warm enough to go out without a jacket. Matt wanted to take a trip to the Garden Center, which I think means that spring, or at least Spend All Weekend Preening the Backyard season, has officially begun.

The Zombie Fish is close to being renamed Shaun, Fish of the Dead. Somehow he's survived a long, cold winter, the pond freezing solid and being covered with snow, then being almost completely drained because we didn't know he was in there, not to mention not having been fed since last year. Yet he's still swimming around happily and vigorously. It's almost creepy. I'm afraid that if I do a thorough pond cleaning, or add food or anything, the shock of it will kill him. ("Clean water! *gack!*")

So, no friends for Zombie Fish, this time around, though we did get some shrubs to line the pond and a few other supplies. Among those were new gardening gloves for both of us, so that Matt could promptly get to work planting things and leave the gloves neatly in their shopping bag on the countertop. I got this brand last year called Mud Gloves which are cotton gloves double dipped in latex rubber. They're lined, so they're comfortable, but they feel nearly impenetrable. Great for pruning rosebushes or moving rough concrete blocks around. So this year, we each got a pair.

Matt did most of the planting work this afternoon, though I helped by consulting on placement, holding the wheelbarrow steady, and bringing him beverages. The kittens helped by looking on, fascinated, from the kitchen window.

So now we have shrubberies planted (Ni!), dinner has been eaten, and I think we're going to spend the rest of the evening doing laundry and just hanging out together. Matt's next trip begins at 6:00 tomorrow morning... which is going to come an hour sooner than it should.
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So, as I've mentioned before, [ profile] hbergeronx and I live in an old house. As I've also mentioned before, the people who lived here before us were... creative... in their home improvement. They did a lot of work on the house, and they did it all half-assed.

When they wanted a window in the back door, they didn't go out and buy a new door with a window in it. They took a SAW and cut a hole in the existing door, and then rested a pane of glass in the hole and nailed a larger piece of plastic over it to cover the opening, new window and all.

When they realized they'd bought a door with an extra hole for a deadbolt for the downstairs guest room, instead of installing a deadbolt or just plugging it up, they installed the working doorknob in the top hole and a second, non-functional doorknob below the first.

When they put a drop-ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, they put it ABOVE the pipes instead of below them, so that there are holes cut into the tiles to accommodate the pipes, instead of the pipes being hidden within the ceiling (which, I believe, is what drop-ceilings are for in the first place).

So it should be no surprise to us, really, that when they refinished the kitchen floor, they poured concrete over the existing floor, tiled over the concrete, and forgot to leave enough clearance to reattach the radiator to its fitting. Instead of chiseling out room for it, or at least capping off the pipe, they just left the pipe open, and set the radiator out in the back yard. Good place for it.

Thus, all the steam heat that should be flowing through our radiators, was flowing out the open fitting on the ground floor. The basement was toasty. The rest of the house, frozen.

Today, Matt chiseled out space in the kitchen floor and reattached the radiator. The house is, reportedly, toasty, and with all heating units functioning normally.

Woo! Go Matt! A happy ending to one chapter in the home improvement saga. Go tell him he rocks. Not here, there!
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It took The Incredibles three years to get around to unpacking their last box. I don't want to take that long.

Worked on the basement some today. Worked on the basement a lot today, actually. In theory, we have company coming for the next three weekends, and since it's where our guest room is, it'd be nice if it was.. well, nice.

I vaccuumed up a whole bunch of spiders and dust bunnies. Did lots of laundry, including the sheets on the guest bed. (Oop! Need to go put those in the dryer!) Unpacked many boxes. Mostly books and craft supplies. All my candle stuff is in one place now, as are the beads and magnet supplies. All that's left is crochet stuff, but that takes up much more room. Yarn and whatnot. I found a finished blue baby blanket that I'd made for someone's kid and never sent. I'll hold onto it and maybe remember the next time one of my fruitfully-multiplying cousins makes an announcement.

Matt made hot dogs on the grill for lunch, and salmon and asparagus on the grill for dinner. Mango and strawberries are currently chilling for dessert. We discovered an indoor farmer's market place down the street with much better produce and fish than our local groceries. I think return trips are in our future.

Tired now. Lots of lifting and moving and trips up and down the stairs. If it weren't so late, I'd take a nap.
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I really kind of want these.

pawprint tiles


Jan. 16th, 2005 07:05 pm
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Today I moved lots of furniture. Actually, I moved very little furniture, but I moved it repeatedly. Turns out there's not quite enough room for the bed between the wall and the radiator. If we could only move the radiator over just a couple inches...

But, after much fussing and rearranging, the guest room is now configured a bit more like a room and a bit less like a random collection of things we didn't know what to do with. The desk is now accessible, and it's where I'm sitting right now, in a new comfy office chair that we picked up this afternoon and assembled without too much trouble.

We made bread today, with spelt flour. It came out pretty well. Matt said it was better than the loaf I got from the Green Market in Union Square, so I consider that a success. After all, those people actually know what they're doing, and this was only my second attempt.

My nipple ring had to come out, again. I'd hoped the third time would be the charm, but apparently I was wrong. I know the signs by now, though I'll spare you all the fun details, and knew it was taking a turn toward the worse, so I went ahead and took it out before it got too bad. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't work out, and now I'm feeling like I need to go and get something else pierced to compensate. There's nothing I want that I can really get, though. Either they're things I'm an utter chicken about, or they're things my office wouldn't be happy with. Maybe it's time to finally get that tattoo retouched instead.

I'm still enjoying my iPod. I've never used portable mp3 players as much as I use this one. Usually I'll use them for a few weeks and then they'll sit around waiting for new batteries, or waiting for me to get around to swapping out their playlists, until they're forgotten. I don't know if it's lingering sticker shock (I have to use this because I paid so much for it) or just the convenience of having my entire music collection to choose from at all times, but I'm playing it nearly every day on the way home from work, and sometimes in the mornings, too. So, I consider it a very successful purchase. Even if it's already an outdated model.

(So is my laptop, actually, but I honestly like the design I have much better than the one it was replaced with, so that's okay, too.)

I have tomorrow off, so I'm planning to do more housecleaning and play a fair amount of Final Fantasy X. I'm also going to do some time on the exercise bike. It probably thinks I've forgotten all about it.

There's a cat fussing outside our house somewhere. I can't see it, but I can hear it. So can my cat. She's running from window to window looking for it.

And now you're all caught up. Wasn't that exciting?
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Last night, I started packing in earnest.

The people who are buying our house are coming for their inspection this morning. There's a little square of space off the bedroom that's utterly unusable, and it's where we've been stacking crates of stuff to get them out of the way. These people have had this corner hyped to them as a great little computer nook, so they let us know they wanted to take a closer look at it when they came by to inspect.

Really, it's an awful computer nook, inaccessible unless you really like climbing over a 3-ft tall beam to get to your computer... but who am I to argue? I think the reason they want to look more closely is to see if it's a necessary support beam or if it can be removed.

Anyway, I started packing.

First I packed up my closet, so that I would have someplace to put the boxes I created. This wasn't so hard. I made two boxes, one of things I keep for sentimental reasons (fancy dresses, things that don't quite fit but will soon), and one of the rest of the clothes in there. I labeled them well.

Then I started on the corner. Most of the stuff in the crates had just been thrown in randomly, to get it out of the way when we started showing the house. I tried to put some order to it. Books of a certain subject are together, for the most part, and are clearly labeled. I held aside the needlecraft books until I had enough gathered for a whole box: "crafts: xstitch, crochet, yarn".

I remember this from previous moves - this level of organization won't last long. Now the labels read "Fiction A-D, second shelf". Pretty soon, they'll be "Books" and "Kitchen" and "Bathroom", and soon after that? "Misc. Stuff".

You always think you'll remember what you put in them, too. "Oh, I'll know that 'Stuff' is the box with the alarm clock and my favorite shoes."

Nope. Never happen.

We also have the inspection today on the house we're buying. I'm leaving work early, and am considering just catching the bus directly to the new place. I'm a little nervous about it because I'm not firm on exactly what landmarks I'd be looking for, and I'm afraid I'd miss the stop and end up who-knows-where, but I'm also really enthused about giving it a try. I don't know, though... I'll see how I feel this afternoon. I may be too tired to do anything but stick to the familiar, in which case I'll take the usual bus home instead, and drive over with Matt.

Then later on, we meet with our pal Dave the Mortgage Guy, to see what news he has for us.

And in the meantime? In addition to my real work, I have to finish cleaning up this computer - I've been informed that its lease is up, and it's to be replaced tomorrow. Everyone around me has spiffy black Dells, so I have a feeling I'm in for one of those. I can't say I'll miss my little Dell Optiplex GX200. Unlike with home computers, I don't get especially attached to my work machines. I couldn't have even told you what model it was, except for having looked down at the tower just now.

Anyway, this has gotten long, and my report has finished printing and wants to be distributed, so... much work to do, and hot caffeine to be found.


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