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Having really good exciting news is the BEST.

Having really good exciting news and not being sure if you're allowed to talk about it yet is slightly less than the best. Still, really good plus a little anxiety is still really good.

The hardest thing about working in publishing is the waiting. Either I've got to sit on my own good news and keep it secret, or I've got to sit on someone else's good news, or I've got to send something off to someone and sit on my hands for a few months in hopes that I'll get good news that I can sit on my hands and not tell anyone about.

I have finished my edits on something really cool, and I've sent it off so that the author can answer all my nitpicky queries about it. I've asked when I'll be able to talk about it and I haven't been answered. Since I still can't quite believe that it's real, I think I'll wait till I get the paycheck.

And I've just learned that something else I worked on is going to be reviewed somewhere cool. I'll be able to talk about that one at the end of March when the review goes live.

March is going to be interesting. I'm traveling 17 days out of the month, on three different trips, and none of that travel is for work. All of it is for connecting with people who are important to me. I spend so much of my time focused on building my career -- I'm looking forward to taking a bit of time to celebrate how far I've come and how much potential the future holds...and to putting that same energy into nurturing other parts of me, for a change. That's something I need to do more often.

A year ago, I gave up caffeine in significant measure, but I'm pretty sure there was caffeine in my decaf tonight. There was also adrenaline in my adrenaline. Now my brain is full and won't stop churning, and I can't get myself even remotely tired.
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"A lot more" expresses quantity or magnitude, depending on how it's used. How it's used is very important.

Thus, a writer writing, "She's taller, but you have a lot more boobs and more hips," suggests certain anatomical anomalies that I don't think are intended. "A lot more boob" would suggest size of boob. "A lot more boobs"... and I think we're going to have to get creative on the lingerie.
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Someone just sent me sample pages written entirely in bright purple "Lucida Handwriting" font.

Excuse me while I go and ice down my retinas. Ow.
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Work is moving along in amazing ways. I'm on two fantastic projects right now, and a whole bouquet of opportunities has just bloomed in front of me. I'm juggling things so that I can pick them all. An acting gig and an interview are confirmed, and three books are set for release in the next two months.

[ profile] hbergeronx is in the home stretch of his all-consuming project at work, so hopefully things will quiet down for him soon. I may still be working twelve hour days, but that doesn't mean that both of us have to. With him free on the weekends, I suspect I'll be ushered out of the house and away from my desk a lot more, and that'll be good for both of us. I've gotten a little too absorbed with online life, just because I'm in front of the screen for so much of my day. It's a familiar cycle that happens now and then. It's not a terrible thing, but I do get more immersed at times than I should. I'm ready to give the real world my attention for a while.

[ profile] nukewolf is coming out in just over a week. We're going to celebrate our third anniversary (!) and hang out and enjoy some much-delayed quality time. One of my good friends and clients will be passing through town while he's here, so there's a chance they may get to meet. Aside from a particular evil plan or two, nothing's set in stone.

I need to start making more time for the gym again. I spent a few weeks coughing and sniffling, and then I was out of town, and then I was busy catching up on work. All of that derailed my routine. I haven't backslid too much, at least, and I plan to go this afternoon and start getting back on track. I've passed a huge milestone and I'm very close to my first big fitness goal. I have no intention of stopping now.

And the cats are asleep, the laundry is finished, and a client is pinging me, so it's time to get back to work for now.
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Me: There's very little fantasy in this book at all, except that yetis are real.

[ profile] hbergeronx: What's the plural of yeti? Is it yeti? Or yetis?

Me: I think it's "....Run!!!!!"
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Lots has been going on. Lots and lots. Important stuff. Good, bad, and formative. I'm fairly sure none of it will show up here.

Instead, this paragraph from Neil Gaiman's latest post sums up the editing experience:

I'm proofreading the galleys of the UK edition of The Graveyard Book right now. Last night, at the exact moment I started to become convinced that these were amazingly clean galleys, there were no typos after the number of times we'd all been through the manuscript, and I should simply sign off on them and get on with my life, one character turns to another and says "Neil, I've broken the next para into five paras for clarity but if you want we can turn it back." Which was a comment from the copyeditor to me that had been written on the previous draft. After that I started squinting at the text and reading verrry slowly....
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Before I note anything that happened since, I want to note that yesterday I got my first official contract and my first official paycheck for editing. I struck out on my own in September of 2006 determined to make a career of this and knowing that the startup process was going to be slow: my first jobs have been royalty based work from a publisher, which meant knowing that I wouldn't see a penny for the work I did until the books were done, printed and on the shelves, and that with a small press's production schedule, that wouldn't happen right away. (My first three books are all forthcoming this spring/summer.) I was lucky enough to have the resources and support to be able to take that time; to take the chance.

In the interim, I've found steady work in it, and now I'm finally seeing the rewards and the validation. I have two loyal authors, and a growing publisher who loves and trusts me. I'm starting a business. Me. And damn, I'm proud.
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Color Blender - takes two hex values and blends them with up to 10 midpoints

Color Schemer v2 - a set of shades based on one hex or RGB value

Color Toy - hit random and get a complementary color scheme.

Colors on the web - color theory and matching, with a wizard that spits out all sorts of sets of colors (complementary, analogous, tint and saturation variations)

More crayons - 4,096 colors for the web
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Thank you, [ profile] coven for the table of less commonly used latin phrases.

You never know when these might come in handy. :)
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This morning, Tropicana informed thousands of New Yorkers via banner ads that their orange juice is, quote, "as packed with vitamin C as a bus on a rainy day."

Today is quite rainy and I was indeed on a bus, and I can report that it definitely wasn't packed with vitamin C.



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