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Crocheting: the art of turning kitty bait into kitty beds.

This kitty bed will be a black and variegated purple homespun throw blanket, to match the black and variegated blue one I made a few years ago.
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A few random observations, before my hands fall off.

* Sewing machines are heavy!

* While it's technically accurate to advertise something as a '130 piece sewing kit' if it contains 125 straight pins, expect me to laugh at you if you do so.

* I was not tempted by the hello kitty sewing machine. Are the stereotypes really in such danger of crumbling that we have to make sewing machines cute to market them to girls?

* I bought mine while wearing a t-shirt with poisoned daggers on it. This amuses me. See above.

Now I go clean off the countertop so that I can set this thing up and see if it works.
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I took my nose stud out and put my ring back in, for a function I attended last night.

I think I prefer the stud. For day-to-day general wear, it's much less obtrusive. I can easily forget I have it in, whereas the ring constantly reminds me. As a novelty, though, the constant awareness of the ring is kind of fun, so I think I might leave it in for a little while.

Matt and I had pho for lunch, and then browsed around the local craft store for a while. I'm starting to gather supplies for an event where I'll be selling crafty items next march. Better to make them slowly, when I'm in the mood to make things, I figure, than have to rush at the last minute.

I'm revisiting the idea of starting an Etsy store, for selling glass bead magnets and beaded keychains and necklaces and things. The quality seems kind of variable on Etsy, and the pricing seems wildly variable as well, but maybe my $5 keychains could find a niche there. One thing I've noticed is that the photography of the items is all very eye-catching, so I'll try to take some good pictures before I worry about the rest.

I've thought about vendoring them at more events than just the one con per year, but I'd rather go at it from the angle of making a little extra money on a hobby, not turning a hobby into a job.


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