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Today I picked Matt up at lunchtime. We stopped for salad, and then drove over to the Tattoo Expo.

I've been reading up on UV-reactive tattoo ink with interest, and I'm satisfied enough of its safety that I've wanted to get my triangle tattoo outlined in it. UV-reactive ink isn't glow-in-the-dark ink, it isn't made with phosphorous anymore, it isn't potentially poisonous or dangerous. It's made with the same bio-friendly stuff that the FDA has approved for use as a tattoo marker for fish and wildlife. The worst the MSDS has to say about it is "Don't get it in your eyes, stupid".

Still, it's relatively rare, and it's hard to find someone who'll do it. I've been websearching for a while and hadn't been able to find anyplace closer than about a 2-3 hour drive, so I was hoping that, of all places, a tattoo expo where the ink vendor themselves have a booth, might include some people familiar with, and willing to use, the ink.

I was beginning to lose hope, and had started to write off the afternoon as an expensive research session. Most of them said they didn't use UV inks at all. One guy told me, "I've never used it before, but buy a bottle and bring it over. How different can it be?" Another guy told me, "I don't have the ink here, but I'd do it for you at my shop. But it won't work on existing ink. Your best bet is to let me do a mirror invisible tattoo on your other side."

Then, as I was giving up, I stopped at one last booth. They said they'd do it, no problem, and the artist came over to take a look, and nodded. Sure, he could do it. Sure, the ink would take. Yes, he had lots of experience with it. He was an older man, who looked like Dumbledore, or maybe Gandalf, would have looked if he'd moonlighted with ZZTop on the side. A really sweet guy, out of a shop in L.A., with an instantly trustworthy face. (photo (and one with his daughter from his MySpace . :) )

One of the other customers asked if he had a portfolio of his work on the table, and the woman minding the booth said, "He's too famous to need a portfolio." I figured that was just a generic excuse for the guy not having brought his book of photos with him.

The work was quick, but it HURT. It hurt a lot more than I remember my last touch-up hurting. Of course, my last touch-up was done in October of 2001, when I was still shell-shocked and not feeling much of anything. And I had a hard time remembering to breathe, both because it HURT, and because I didn't want to move my chest in case it would mess him up.

He told me about various people he'd done invisible tattoos on, including one recording artist (whose name he told me, but i was in full-on endorphin haze, and I don't remember), who has his band's name on his back in UV, so that when he goes to a club it pops out brightly and looks fantastic.

I was dizzy and sailing on the endorphin rush when he was done, and he chastised me gently that it would have hurt a lot less if I'd remembered to breathe. In his 40 years of tattooing, he said, no one had ever passed out from pain. Only from holding their breath too long. But he didn't rush me out the door, he told me to stay, and he chatted amiably with me until I was ready to stand.

When I got home, I websearched on his shop and his name, just to have something to link here, and to take a peek at what he's done. (No portfolio at the table, remember.) I was astonished to learn that I'd just had some cheesy, minor outlining done by Rick Walters, one of the bigger names in the business, featured on A&E's series "Inked", and too famous to need a portfolio if anyone is. And yet, still a really sweet, down-to-earth guy, telling me about SoCal weather and UV inkwork with equal ease, happily doing minor touchup work and little girly flowers for dizzy, nervous run-of-the-mill people in some aging convention center like there's no place he'd rather be.
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I took my nose stud out and put my ring back in, for a function I attended last night.

I think I prefer the stud. For day-to-day general wear, it's much less obtrusive. I can easily forget I have it in, whereas the ring constantly reminds me. As a novelty, though, the constant awareness of the ring is kind of fun, so I think I might leave it in for a little while.

Matt and I had pho for lunch, and then browsed around the local craft store for a while. I'm starting to gather supplies for an event where I'll be selling crafty items next march. Better to make them slowly, when I'm in the mood to make things, I figure, than have to rush at the last minute.

I'm revisiting the idea of starting an Etsy store, for selling glass bead magnets and beaded keychains and necklaces and things. The quality seems kind of variable on Etsy, and the pricing seems wildly variable as well, but maybe my $5 keychains could find a niche there. One thing I've noticed is that the photography of the items is all very eye-catching, so I'll try to take some good pictures before I worry about the rest.

I've thought about vendoring them at more events than just the one con per year, but I'd rather go at it from the angle of making a little extra money on a hobby, not turning a hobby into a job.
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I have a small, shiny blue gem at the left side of my nose. When I look at something off and down to my right, I will occasionally pick it up in my left eye's field of vision and get a superimposed blue dot in midair in front of whatever I'm looking at.

I noticed this earlier this afternoon, and I've spent the last half hour doing it on purpose.

Lack of sleep probably helps this happen, since I think my eyes need to cross a little for the effect to work. But then, lack of sleep is probably also what makes it hours of fun!
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They tease me gently at work, sometimes, for the way I sneeze. I didn't even notice it until the teasing started, but now that I'm paying attention, I notice that they're right.

My sneezes sound like "ACHOO ..ow".

It doesn't hurt when I sneeze. All I can guess is that it must be a remnant from having my nose pierced. Now that I hear it, I'm embarrassed, and I'm trying to break the habit. How funny, the things we don't even hear ourselves do.


Mar. 13th, 2004 07:30 pm
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Have I ever mentioned my pointy ear? It's one of my distinguishing features.

(A couple of you may get a bit of a grin out of this... You know who you are.)

It's just my right ear, and it's not actually pointy... it's that the top of it is slightly folded down. It's been that way since I was born. (Legend has it that, upon noticing it, my mother turned to my father and said, "We've either been watching too much Star Trek, or not enough Star Trek!") My brother's ear was the same way when he was born, but his straightened out within his first few months. Mine, obviously, didn't. :)

I can pull it straight with my fingers, but it won't stay. In profile, from a bit of a distance, it can sometimes look gently pointed.

No, I'm not making this up. Here -- look! )

This came up because I bought a couple of pairs of interesting earrings today and wanted to post photos. They've got a single post (which is to say, you only need to have one hole in your ear), and go up the length of the ear instead of hanging down the lobe. The post in back is long enough to hold them in place quite comfortably. They're made by the folks at The Merlys Collection -- the good news is that they do have a website, but the bad news is that these earrings aren't on it. They did seem to be the booth's biggest seller at the craft show today, so hopefully they'll be available online soon. Meanwhile....

Photo )
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more holes?

Mar. 5th, 2002 04:01 pm
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I very nearly got my nose pierced yesterday. I was very tempted. I think a teeny little stud would look really cute with my wig, but I'm not sure it would go with my casual every-day look at all, which is why I hesitated.

Opinions? :)

I've said I won't get another tattoo till after Matt starts his, but I've still been looking, sketching and formulating ideas. I've been thinking of going to Anil Gupta's studio with my diskette of inspiring designs, saying "celtic... with dots" and seeing what he comes up with, except that doing so would probably make me feel obligated to get it done.

Anyway, just musing for now. Everyone else's talk of bodyart has me thinking about it lately.


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