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"My other pro-tolerance bumper sticker is also condescending."
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They tease me gently at work, sometimes, for the way I sneeze. I didn't even notice it until the teasing started, but now that I'm paying attention, I notice that they're right.

My sneezes sound like "ACHOO ..ow".

It doesn't hurt when I sneeze. All I can guess is that it must be a remnant from having my nose pierced. Now that I hear it, I'm embarrassed, and I'm trying to break the habit. How funny, the things we don't even hear ourselves do.
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I was in line for the bus behind a woman with a handbag that had the brand name "No Boundaries" written all over it in stark letters. All the zippers on the bag were open.

No boundaries to thieves, I guess...
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Typical: Get a papercut on the very tip of your finger (where they bleed a lot). It happens.

Only me: Slice your wrist on the sharp corner of the first aid box while getting a band-aid for your papercut.

Let's pause for a moment to savour the irony...

(I'm fine. No, really.)
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My flight arrived 3.5 hours ago, and I just got home. My cat is yelling at me. I need to rest and have some dinner, but I just had to share this.

On the shuttle bus from the airport terminal to the car park and subway, there was a very proper orthodox jewish couple with a daughter who must have been about 5 or 6.

There aren't many seats on these buses, so the family had to stand. After about the first stop (maybe 5 minutes or so), a man got up and offered the little girl his seat.

The mother turned to her and said, "This man is giving you his seat, sweetheart. What do you say?"

And the little girl looked at the man and said, "It's about damn time!"
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I was watching CSPAN this afternoon as Bush gave a short speech for MLK day. He thanked King's family members for attending the speech at the White House, and acknowledged them by name, referring to King's son as "Martin Luther King Junior the Third".


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