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Birthdate:Aug 14
Location:California, United States of America
"You are a true woman of chaos." --incy...

"Your flavor is trouble. Sweet, delicious trouble." --tacit

lapis lazuli: a relatively rare semi-precious gemstone, prized for its intense blue color. often flecked with golden pyrite inclusions, and reminiscent of the night sky.

i spot typos for fun and for hire. i prefer children's books to children. i was a musician, long ago, but now it's just a hobby. i am exactly five feet tall. personal goals include learning to play the harp and traveling as often as possible.

When reading others' journals, I am drawn to wit, insight, eloquence, and an ability to spell. Capitalization optional.

Feel free to comment here even if I don't know you, but do tell me how you ended up at my journal - I'm always curious.

If I don't know you, or don't know you well, I might not add you back right away, but I probably am peeking in from time to time.

I filter posts, and I screen comments by default. But comments are still welcome.

The mood icons i use are the faceless abstract set, by mesila.

Contact info (restricted) is here.

Interests (120):

acoustic guitar, actual human contact, big bathtubs, blackadder, books, bubble tea, bubble wrap, candles, castles, celtic harp, celtic knotwork, children's books, chopin, cinnamon, cleavage, cobalt blue glass, corsetry, cosmic irony, critical thinking, crop circles, curves, cyberpunk, cynicism, dar williams, dark chocolate, data analysis, depilation, douglas adams, eddie izzard, editing, england, evelyn glennie, fairy tales, flirting, foreign films, fornasetti, fountain pens, friendship, full figures, gemstones, george gershwin, gillian anderson, green tea, harps, hebrew, history, hot baths, hot tubs, icicles, imagination, indigo girls, industrial music, ink, iron chef, kathleen mock, kegels, l5, languages, lapis lazuli, lauderdale by the sea, lever harp, london, madrigals, mallet percussion, millefiori, mnemonics, museums, music theory, mythbusters, mythical creatures, mythology, new york city, night, northern lights, obscure references, parallel universes, pdq bach, people-watching, percussion, perpendicular universes, piano, piercings, prehistoric britain, psychology, pulp fiction cover art, rafal olbinski, revolution by night, road trips, rob gonsalves, robert turner, ruby the galactic gumshoe, sci fi, scrabble, scully, serendipity, snowy nights, snuggling, sonoran desert, space exploration, sparkly things, spicy food, spirals, spontaneous gifts, spontaneous travel plans, stained glass, stan freberg, standing stones, stone circles, sushi, tattoos, tea, technology, thierry mugler, tom lehrer, travel, vocal harmony, water gardens, word play, x-files, yehudit ravitz
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