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In last night's dream, I was at a craft fair. There were some crafters making custom beads or jewelry or wire sculptures "while you wait," and I waited in a long time (and turned down a chance to ride on a dragon) to get a ceramic and gold pendant commissioned from Werhner von Braun. He was an old man, and he had a tray of gold and creamy white beads, and I asked him for a pendant that looked like a spiral galaxy. He took all my info on the craft fair's generic paper form with a black grease pencil, and told me to come back.

When I came back, what I found was a square block of dark wood that was filled with tiny straight copper lines across it when I turned it in the light. I asked what it was, and he showed me the drawing: it was a blackboard, with the radio signal for that galaxy written across it, and a small legend in chalk down in the corner. It was a very clever interpretation of what I'd asked for, and I was touched and amused...and then asked him to redo it, because I'd really wanted a cream and gold spiral galaxy.

Everyone was horrified that I'd asked Werhner von Braun to redo something, but he smirked at me and did it in good spirits.

I took it to the cashier when he was done. Both pendants and the concept drawing with the blackboard came to ninety dollars.
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