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As you'll already know if you also follow [livejournal.com profile] tacit, he's been working for a while on developing the most annoying sex toy ever. This weekend, I got to try it out.

What follows is non-explicit, but is complete and absolute TMI. Comments are screened, just because comments are always screened. They'll be unscreened upon moderation at my discretion, unless you request that they stay private.


When someone you're dating invites you to be the first try out the evil, cruel, naughty, sadistic toy they're developing, and you happen to be me, you say yes. Rather enthusiastically, in fact.

At first, he just handed me the egg vibrator so that I could feel the random patterns and intervals he'd programmed into it. The point of the project is to make a vibrator use such unpredictable random patterns of activity, and intervals between those patterns, that it keeps the wearer aroused, while making it impossible to get off from it.

I tucked the egg into my cleavage (it seemed like the thing to do!) and he flipped the switch so that I could feel it do its thing. The variety was certainly...varied, both in duration and composition. The pauses in between patterns were just long enough for me to forget it was there and get startled every time it buzzed again.

We were about to head out for the day, so I handed it back. But then he suggested that I try it out for real.

See "enthusiastic yes," above.

I'd brought my own insertable just in case the opportunity arose, so I ducked into the bathroom and inserted it, then got dressed again over it. The control box for the toy is currently unwieldily large (yes, that's a word. Because I said so), but it had a clip to hook it to the waistline of my jeans, so I hooked it there and plugged in.

At first, I perceived the intervals between vibration patterns as huge and long. In reality, they're between 15 and 90 seconds. It was, as in my initial handling of it, just long enough to forget it was there. Or sometimes, long enough for me to wonder if it was still working.

But, I was distracted with conversation and getting ready to go out, and other stuff, so I didn't entirely trust my perception of the intervals. They felt too long, and the pattern cycles felt too short. It was just enough to startle me and make me aware of it again, but not nearly enough to get me aroused, and there was too much recovery time in between to keep me aroused in the interval. I felt that some sort of downloadable log to compare subjective user experience to the actual intervals I was getting, would be really useful. I knew the gaps between cycles weren't as long as they felt.

The device cycles between 11 different patterns (for now), and is USB enabled so that more can be uploaded. But those patterns aren't static. Like, there's one that's just on-off pulses, but that pattern picks a random number of pulses each time. Even if I recognized it, I didn't know how long it would last. And there were a few longer patterns that started with on-off pulses, too, so I didn't know that it wouldn't turn into one of those.

So, between the randomness of pattern order, and the random variables within individual patterns, I couldn't recognize any of them. This functioned as intended.

Some of the patterns were really short, some were really long, most were in between. The short ones were just enough to remind me that I was wearing a vibrator in public, but not long enough for me to get any pleasure from. The long ones were agonizing because they actually did arouse me, and yet weren't long enough for me to do anything about it. The medium-duration ones were sufficiently arousing and frustrating. I believe at the time I said the average duration should be longer, so that there would be more arousal (and therefore frustration) and less simple startle.

Though, I have to admit, as time wore on (I wore the thing for three hours), I think that complaint lessened. Or maybe things did skew to shorter patterns at first, and over time it averaged out. Or maybe, with some emotional reinforcement and attentiveness and playful teasing about it, my arousal ramped up in a way that it wouldn't have with the toy alone. Again, a good argument for being able to access the actual log of patterns and intervals. It may have been a case of "Actually, the active cycles are averaging [this] long, so they're not as short as they feel. You're just perceiving them as ineffectively short because you don't want it to stop."

Sometimes, I could carry on a conversation through it, seamlessly. Sometimes, that random interval or a particular very good pattern caught me totally off-guard.

I was, as I tend to be (due to my clinical psychology background), fascinated both by the experience and by the subjectiveness of the experience. Sensitivity is different internally, so there are sensations you perceive differently than when you're holding something in your hand. As a result, there can be some variation in how discernable certain patterns are when something's in your hand, versus when it's actually in use. I tried to give thorough feedback about what I was experiencing, with an eye toward modifying the experience to be more arousing and frustrating to the wearer. I also suggested other variations and patterns that might be equally cruel. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] tacit was live-tweeting the experiment. You know, for science. It was, after all, totally all about the science.

For instance, I thought that lowering the possible interval time to 5 seconds from 15 might be a fun, cruel thing to do, especially given the way I'd initially perceived those intervals to be so long. That way, just when you thought it was over you'd occasionally get another surprise burst without much time to relax. I also thought adding a few more long patterns to the mix would be good. They're not QUITE long enough to get off with, but they're long enough to make you think you might have enough time, especially if someone's actively reinforcing your arousal. In other words: perfect.

Dining was interesting. It was definitely distracting, and made me care very little about food. Especially since I could rock forward a little on the hard wooden chair. I could very easily have cheated my way to completion with some subtle rubbing, but I didn't. Somehow. There were periods where I could tune it out to a degree where I could be completely cool and discreet about it. But, it was an occasional topic of conversation, and just the knowledge that the other five people at the table knew exactly what was going on and why [livejournal.com profile] tacit was randomly asking me how I was doing, only made me more aware of it.

The unwieldy control box fell off my hip and it was hard to get the clip back on, but that'll be changed in the next incarnation. Ultimately, he hopes to make it pager-sized. Maybe the logging module can be separate and connected by a cord, so that it's optional and doesn't add much to the bulk.

The one condition to my eager willingness to test this thing out, was that I wanted to be sure I got the release I'd earned after voluntarily being teased and frustrated for science. [livejournal.com profile] tacit was a humane experimenter, and delivered on the end-of-experiment reward. He wanted me to keep the toy going afterwards, just to be cruel. I heartily approve of this kind of cruelty, and I would ordinarily have been willing to. But my climax, after nearly three hours of constant and public teasing, had been so strong that it pushed the insertable out. It was uncomfortable in the bad way, not the fun way, and we weren't in a place where I could easily readjust, so we called the experiment finished--and a glowing (ahem) success.

I can't wait to test out the next upgrade. And yes, he plans to make both the schematics and the constructed units available once he's done.

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Posts such as this one make me wish LJ had a "Like" button... :->

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From: [identity profile] mlerules.livejournal.com
I heartily approve of the experiment and this write-up. Huzzah for more mad science!

The Mathematics of Sex Toys Made Tangible

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Here via [livejournal.com profile] tacit.

Wow. Just reading about your experience is really, really hot.

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Thank you! It was a lot of fun.


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